Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Twelve Cakes of Christmas - (#8) Mini Snowflake Cakes

For gifts to coworkers this year, Jessica and I decided to do cookies and cupcakes. This is the first in her batch of cupcakes going to her fellow employees. These "cupcakes" are really miniature cakes meant for one person. This one's a coffee lover's delight -- these are mocha cakes with a chocolate-mocha buttercream filing.

First baked in square cake pans.

Then cut into little cubes, stacked with two pieces of cake and covered in the mocha-chocolate buttercream frosting.

Once frosted, the cakes were covered in a light blue buttercream fondant (the good stuff). Then a snowflake was piped with royal icing and silver dragees were placed on the snowflake.

I really like the silver dragees. I think they really add a touch of class to the little cakes.

Christmas is only 4 days away! To all of you who are seeing actual snowflakes this year -- keep warm and safe on the roads!

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