Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jennifer's Baby Shower

OK, time for a more recent post. My friend, Jennifer, is having a baby (due in December), and she had her baby shower last weekend. It's a baby girl, and they shower was zebra themed, so everyone was having a lot of fun with it. When they asked me to do the cake, they told me that they wanted it to be kind of like this diaper cake that they found:

There were going to be about 30 people there, so I knew a 3-tiered cake would be WAY too much. I drew up a few different designs, but finally settled on one that I thought would make her happy.

So, I, of course, kept with the zebra theme when decorating the cake. Jennifer said she wanted vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, so that was the bottom tier. The top tier was lemon cake with a raspberry buttercream for the people who wanted something a little different.

This was the cake without most of the little add-ons that I made - those were put on the cake when we got to the shower. The zebra and all of the coverings were made from fondant, and the pink "grass" was colored coconut.

When we got to the shower, they had a place all set up and ready for the cake. We could really see how the zebra stripes make good camouflage.

I added all of the little accessories. I had made mini cupcakes and little baby-themed chocolates, along with all of my fondant accessories. The ring that the cake was in was made from decorated chocolate bars. How cute was that?

Overall, I think the glowing mama-to-be was pretty happy with it.

Congratulations Jennifer and Shane!

Birthday Cakes

OK, so let me start by just saying how incredibly late I am in posting this. These cakes were for birthdays back in the beginning of June. I have completely dropped the ball with this blog, but I figure late is better than never. Anyway, here it is:

My friend, Tina, and her boyfriend, Tom, both had their birthdays during the same weekend, but they each needed their own cake. Tina wanted hers to be an orange dream cake with chocolate filling and chocolate ganache on the outside.

I have to say, it turned out pretty yummy. Good flavor choice, Tina.

Of course I had to add a little flair with my homemade candied orange peel for garnish.

So, once Tina's cake was all gone (which didn't take too long at all), it was time to move on to Tom's. It's been so long since I actually made the cake that I can't quite remember exactly what the flavors were. How sad is that??? I think they were my homemade chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream.

I didn't actually try any of this cake, but from what I understand, Tom was pleased. That's all I can ask for.