Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Twelve Cakes of Christmas - (#12) Candles

Merry Christmas everyone! For the last day of Christmas, we have a special, luminary treat. Jessica made candles like the kind that are lit in windows during this time of the year. The difference is, these candles are edible.

The cake recipe was a lemon poundcake.

A double batch of poundcake, three candles, and some Styrofoam were all that was needed for building the candles.

Using a circular cutting tool and some careful slicing, the cakes were shaped into the right form for candles. Styrofoam gave the cakes the right height. Cutting into the center of cakes made circular holes just big enough to fit taper candles down the middle.

The cakes were rolled in coconut and the tops were poured with a thick icing to give a "melted wax" look.

The best part of these cakes are that they can be lit!

And light up a dark room nicely.

The Twelve Cakes of Christmas 2010 are over, but my waistline will be remembering it for some time to come.

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