Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Twelve Cakes of Christmas - (#6) Christmas Ornament

The Guinness chocolate cake (see cake #3 of Christmas) was such a hit, Jessica decided to do use it again as the building material for the latest inspired cake. This time the goal was to make a huge, shiny ornament.

Once again, the chocolate Guinness cake ingredients. This was a double batch so there were actually 2 cans of Guinness in the whole thing.

The cake was baked in two semicircular pans, then glued together to make into a ball using vanilla buttercream. The ball was then covered with a hefty piece of fondant. This was the fancy buttercream fondant, which is far less prone to tearing than the Wilton stuff.

The fondant was then painted with silver and gold luster dust. Silver dragees were attached with tweezers.

For the bow, we first had to learn how to make one (thanks to some YouTube clips), then tied one and placed it right on top of the cake.

The cake cut really clean and there was plenty of chocolaty goodness!

We served the cake at a holiday party for our neighbors, and it turned out just as yummy as the first time we tried the recipe. Guinness chocolate cake is certainly a keeper!

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  1. this was delicious! your cakes are so beautiful - thanks for sharing with us
    -Lindsay & John