Friday, December 17, 2010

The Twelve Cakes of Christmas - (#4) Present

Following up on the post from yesterday -- what is Santa's bag filled with? Beautifully wrapped presents! That's what Jessica decided to make here with this very moist genoise cake. This is a French/Italian cake that doesn't use any leavening agents. Instead, the cake relies on the puffiness of beaten eggs to provide the airiness in this dough. When piped into strips, genoise cake is know as lady fingers.

The recipe was pretty simple. This was everything for the lemon genoise cake and the chocolate buttercream.

Starting off with a little bit of eggs.

Which get tripled in volume from vigorous whisking.

Covered with fondant and decorated with a bow it looked like it belonged under the Christmas tree.

It was a fairly stiff cake that cut fairly clean.

Overall, this wasn't our favorite cake because of the spongy texture of the Genoise cake. But, lesson learned and it made a nice little decorative present along the way.

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