Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Desiree & David's Wedding

OK, I know it's been a month or two since my last post.  Well, this was a busy wedding season for me.  I had a a bunch of friends and family getting married, so I decided to focus on the cakes and not the blog.  Then, of course I needed a little bit of a break.  But now I'm back to show what I worked so hard on.

Kicking it off was Desiree and David's wedding.  They were having a ceremony for about 75-80 people and needed a cake.  These two came to me asking if I could do something a little different for their wedding since they weren't having a very traditional ceremony (they described it as Celtic/Buddhist with a friend officiating).  Of course a traditional wedding cake was out of the question.

After a quick discussion, the couple decided on cupcakes, which I was so excited for.  Half of the cupcakes were made with the bride's favorite flavors - chocolate and orange - and half were made with the groom's favorites - vanilla, peanut butter, and chocolate.  The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-orange buttercream were in green wrappers, and the vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter filling and milk chocolate buttercream were in blue wrappers.  I love how creative they were with the flavors.

Rows of chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-orange buttercream.
Vanilla cupcakes with peanut butter filling and milk chocolate frosting.

As far as the design, we decided to model them after cupcakes in "Martha Stewart's Cupcakes."  The ones they liked had a gumpaste heart sticking out of the frosting with an initial written in them.  Since not many people I know enjoy eating gumpaste, I suggested they switch that heart out with a sugar cookie.  Of course they had to throw in another little twist - Desiree wasn't going to change her last name, so they didn't have a common initial.  Luckily, their first names both start with D's, so it was meant to be.

One of the many trays of sugar cookies to decorate the cupcakes with.

The finished products.

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