Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cory and Melanie's Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, Jessica had her first wedding cake customer! This was for our friends Cory and Melanie, who got married at the beautiful Haile Plantation Golf & Country Club. Of course, it was a little bit like deja vu because this was the same place where Jessica and I had our wedding reception about 2 years ago. Despite some threatening weather, the wedding was wonderful and the cake turned out great.

The colors for the wedding were peachy pink, yellow, and gunmetal gray. Jessica decided to go with a flower motif.

The flowers are gum paste and are highlighted with a hint of red dye (delivered by Jessica's birthday present -- a fancy, new airbrush).

Jessica made the cake into three tiers to be able to feed about a 100 people. The flavor of the top two tiers were chocolate cake with raspberry and a whipped chocolate ganache fillings. The bottom tier was coconut cake with raspberry and coconut custard fillings. All this was covered with buttercream and fondant, then decorated with fondant branches:

Once the little flowers were attached:

Putting on the finishing touches on the day-of:

...with Cheeto watching intently:

A successfully delivery! (Despite some scary sliding of the cake in the car). And dressed up like a pro (kudos to my mom for the black apron):

Two love birds to top the cake:

The final product:

It was cool watching it get sliced and diced by the catering crew in about 1/1,000th the time it took to make the cake.

A classy cake for a chic wedding:


  1. I just have to comment that it was a BEAUTIFUL cake and it tasted FANTASTIC! ^_^

  2. What a beautiful cake. Great job!