Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alcohol at a Party

Time for a little competition. Jessica decided to enter the cake competition put on by the t-shirt website Threadless. The competition is called Threadcakes. I had never heard of the company until our friend Chelsea mentioned they were having a cake competiton. The basic idea of the competition is to design a cake based off one of their t-shirts. Being a graduate student, I have a tender spot in my nerdy heart for chemistry. So I recommended she make a cake of the "Introduction to Molecular Bonding" shirt. She was even nice enough to get me the shirt! You can also check out her full entry on the Threadcakes website.

Bears a close resemblance to the shirt, no?

Awww, snap!

How cute, sharing a beer bong.

I thought this depiction of two atoms sharing an electron was necessary. Although, wouldn't it be an ionic bond as shown above? Eh, no matter........(actually, it is matter)...NEVERMIND!

One of the best parts of this cake was getting to crack open a beer at 10 in the morning so she could get that "beer color" just right.

Not only was this Jessica's first cake entered into a competition, it was also her first organic cake (that's the last chemistry joke).

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